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And… it’s done !

Hydro-Gene project, our rendering engine, is now finished ! After six months of work, the software is ready.

As expected, Hydro-Gene is able to render enormous terrains with complex data, and allows its user to travel through them, in real time.

The last weeks were dedicated to water reflexions, the sky, and the environment map. The illumination now completely relies on this env-map : the sky is the only thing to determine the illumination of the terrain. The sky is enhanced by our procedural clouds, and reflexions in the water are now fully effective.

The general graphic quality of the software has improved in an unexpected way !


The Hydro-Gene github repository is clonable at this address :


and here is a userguide :


Enjoy !


It’s time to sum up what has been done in two weeks, and what we still have to work on.

– First of all, the cache memory is now trully effective : it no more concerns the comuted triangles, but the ones we load from the data files.

– We changed the structure of the code to make it easier to switch between shaders.

– The water has been significantly improved, with ligth effects, normal perturbations and evolution depending on the time… but we can do better !

– The terrain is now scaled to fit more to a “human size”… enjoy !

– A user interface is now set up to make the controls of the different parameters more instinctive.

– Mipmapping has been added to make textures better looking, though it can be improved too.


We now have a bit more than a week to :

– finish water effects

– realize a dynamic skybox and an environment map

– bonus : illuminate the terrain with this env-map


A new video is coming soon !

We added an UI, more convenient to change runtime parameters !

An old but interesting tutorial to render a realistic ocean using bumb mapping and reflexion. I am currently working on replacing obsolete elements.


Some code :

An other one I began to study using a stencil buffer :

After more than three months of work, here is our first demo video !

We managed to display the 5M faces terrain in real time, thanks to the voxellisation and level of details.

We also added more details; like vegetation and pebbles, with the geometry shader and billboarding technique.

New goal achieved : we added day and night cycle to the rendering !

Great step for Hydro-gene project !

We now have textures depending on the terrain datas, and instanced vegetation. A less visible point is the multileaf voxellisation, which allows us to compute the voxellised terrain much faster.

For the next week, we have to fix the different issues encountered with triangularisation.

For the rendering part, we must put the terrain on an infinite plane. It will be better looking than a terrain floating in the void.

We also have to start thinking about instanced details, such as vegetation, pebbles, trees… , and texturing.

First try of triangularisation !

The terrain is recognizable, but there are some aberrations we must fix.